Vote Ending Baltimore County School Overcrowding Once And For All

Today Baltimore County children, parents, teachers, and taxpayers are victims of overcrowded schools. Under public pressure, in 2020 our County Council was on the side of the people unanimously creating the Adequate Public (School) Facilities Task Force to study and make recommendations to cure school overcrowding. The Task Force did a magnificent job formulating the recommendations and our Baltimore County Public School Board of Education immediately and unanimously endorsed them. Progress has stalled for two years with their Baltimore County Government counterparts not doing their part legislating the recommendations into law while 8000 new housing units are approved for construction. I have submitted to the current Council and Executive draft legislation of the 2020 Adequate Pubilc (School) Facilities Task Force Report recommedations with the start of this 2022 campaign season to get the ball rolling permanently ending school overcrowding in Baltimore County.


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A. Scott Pappas

Candidate, Baltimore County Executive 2022

The Task Force Recommendations

The Task Force was composed of our Baltimore County Deputy Auditor/Director of Fiscal & Policy Analysis, our Director of Baltimore County Department of Planning, our Vice Chairman of the Baltimore County School Board of Education, the President of the PTA Council of Baltimore County, the Teachers Association of Baltimore County Appointee, League of Women Voters Appointee, Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees Appointee, and a Maryland Building Industry Association Appointee and after several meetings the Task Force endorsed and most significantly recommended the following package of interrelated changes to the law:

  • Elimination of exceptions to the law including the “adjacent district” exception allowing APFO new housing approvals in overcrowded school districts

  • Tighten school overcrowding standard to 100% down from the current 115%

  • A 3-year expiration for development enrollment approvals

  • Provided opportunities for a developers to mitigate school overcrowding by constructing school and additions or redistricting students to nearby schools that are not overcrowded

  • Shift the timing of the school facilites' student capacity testing from the earliest point prior to development plan approval to the latest point prior to the issuing of building permits

  • Determine school overcrowding on a 3-year projection of school enrollment

  • Include in the County Code conservative, data-driven enrollment yield factors tied to living space square footage with no exceptions

  • Create a school system/county government standing committee with a County Council designee from each District, a School Superintendent’s designee, a Department of Planning representative, a County Executive designee, and a Board of Education designee staffed by the Department of Planning with meetings open to the public

  • Require the school system to provide annual, or sooner, school enrollment reports, student interests, and specialized program needs

The Task Force highlighted our County currently has 8,000 approved new residential units ready for development in the near future and a critical decision must made whether or not, or how, an amended law would “grandfather” such development affecting students, parents, teachers, developers, and the taxpayer.



Baltimore County Public Schools Board of Education

Our Baltimore County Public Schools Board of Education unanimously and immediately endorsed the 2020 Adequate Public (School) Facilities Task Force Report recommendations upon submission.

Thank you Board of Education, we got your back now!